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FinTech Female Fridays: The NYC FinTech Women Team

This Thanksgiving week, we are extra thankful for the 20+ volunteers who make NYC FinTech Women possible. That is why we are featuring our incredible team this FinTech Female Friday! Scroll below to meet some of our team members and learn about what they’ve been up to this year.

Erin Corbett

Marketing - Social

Project Manager Specialist, Nasdaq

2020 Stats:

- Walked many miles on the esplanade in Boston

- Spent 1,000s of minutes on Zoom connecting with friends, family, and colleagues

- Started my MBA in Fall 2020

Connect with Erin on Linkedin

Filippa Noghani

Marketing Chair

Sr. Director and Head of Banking and FS Marketing, Virtusa

2020 Stats:

- Ran 320 km and biked 450 km

- Spent 40 hrs in Trader Joe's line

- Worked 7 days a week from March through August (according to MS Outlook)

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Julie Huang

Marketing - FinTech Fireside Minute

Business & Computer Science Student, Northeastern University

2020 Stats:

- Ran 11 miles with my roommate

- Walked an average of just 1k steps/day

- Celebrated 4 friends' 21st birthdays over Zoom

Connect with Julie on Linkedin

Kate Cullen

Marketing - FinTech Female Fridays

Associate, New Listings & Capital Markets, Nasdaq

2020 Stats:

- Got promoted in April (a very uncertain time)

- Learned to play the piano

- Hiked 26 miles in Yosemite

Connect with Kate on Linkedin

Kathy Chandra

Marketing - Social

Principal, LRG International

2020 Stats:

- Regularly doing yoga

- Stayed sane while juggling work with kids at home

- Motivated to fix up work website and get social media in order

Connect with Kathy on Linkedin

Lindsay Hemings

Marketing - Head of FinTech Female Fridays

Marketing Assistant, Selerity Inc.

2020 Stats:

- "Quarantined" for 8 months in Florida

- Spent 1 hr a day walking my dog

- Did 3 road trips, all while working remotely!

Connect with Lindsay on Linkedin

Megan Chang

Marketing - Social

Internal Quality Auditor, The ISO 9000 Group, LLC

2020 Stats:

- Graduated college during a pandemic

- Completed one of Chloe Ting's workout challenges

- Finally getting 9-10 hours of sleep a night!

Connect with Megan on Linkedin

Melissa Hougie

Event Co-Chair

Director of Marketing, Ocrolus

2020 Stats:

- Part of team that grew Ocrolus to be the #1 fastest-growing FinTech on the Inc. 5000

- Produced virtual events that brought in over 2,000 attendees

- Learned to ride a bike

Connect with Melissa on Linkedin

Michelle O'Connor

Expansion Chair

VP Marketing, Synapse

2020 Stats:

- Maintained some level of productivity and sanity while quarantining without childcare and running a global marketing team

- Got in 30 minutes of meditation everyday

- Spoke on more panels from March to November than in the past 5 years

Connect with Michelle on Linkedin

Michelle Tran


Co-Founder, NYC FinTech Women

2020 Stats:

- Started Storm King Advisors to help FinTechs grow

- Had our 3rd baby during the pandemic lockdown

- Moved cross-country during my 3rd trimester

Connect with Michelle on Linkedin

Nicole Newlin

Events Chair

VP Solutions, Ocrolus

2020 Stats:

- Began developing NYC FinTech Women's Podcast! Coming soon!

- Got back to running for distance again

- Spent more time talking to my family - by phone - less text!

Connect with Nicole on Linkedin

If you are interested in joining our team, you can apply to volunteer with us here.

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Membro desconhecido
26 de nov. de 2020

Happy Thanksgiving - Feeling very grateful for NYC Fintech Women and each and every one of its volunteers - thank you for all that you do!

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