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FinTech Female Fridays: Aliyah Schultz, Global Merchant Strategy Manager, Visa

Can you talk about your career path and what led you to work at Visa?

After college I was part of the management development program at M&T Bank and worked in their digital banking division. I had my first exposure to payments and worked on the launch of Apple Pay with Visa back in 2014. That experience was formative for me in understanding the players at the table, innovating payments globally and I knew I wanted a seat at that table.

What is the best piece of professional advice you have received?

Always assume positive intent by others. Assuming the best in people helps deflect conflict, which can be paralyzing.

How have you built your network and maintained these relationships?

I have mostly built my network around my alumnae groups, colleagues, industry conferences, and Meetups. I think one of the best ways to connect with others in FinTech is going to Meetups hosted at companies of interest. In terms of maintaining relationships, being a regular at these kind of events you will start to see familiar faces and will be able to easily connect.

Who is one of the most influential people in your career and why?

One of my first managers at M&T has had a tremendous impact on me. She was an incredible role model, coach, and sponsor and shared with me all of her own “best practices” which I still use today.

What advice do you have for women who are looking to enter the FinTech space?

FinTech is a huge category. Find your passion within FinTech and own it. Your sincere curiousity and knowledge in a specific area of the space will be most impactful as you look to stand out in applications and interviews.

Reach out to Aliyah on LinkedIn.

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