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FinTech Female Fridays: Meet VP of Investor Services, Vittoria Reimers

Imagine a world where it’s as easy to buy a share of a building as it is a share of stock. For Vittoria Reimers, this doesn’t seem like an abstract concept, and in fact, it may soon become a reality. This VP of Investor Services is currently focused on the FinTech side of the Commercial Real Estate industry and democratizing access to alternative assets, and in the past decade has had substantial impacts on the way lending and investing are done. Vittoria’s also working to build a supportive community to advance and promote women in their careers in FinTech in the Bay Area with Women in FinTech SF.

Full name: Vittoria Reimers

Current job title: VP of Investor Services

Current company: Juniper Square

Location: San Francisco, California

“I’m passionate about the FinTech industry democratizing access to capital. Whether it’s access to lending or access to investment opportunities, technology has huge potential to level the playing field for so many people and ensure that wealth and access to opportunity are equitably distributed.”

Vittoria Reimers began her career in investment banking in New York City. After four years of working in finance, she decided to take a pause and leave the workforce for business school to pursue her MBA. During her studies, she not only learned about the FinTech industry but more specifically about small business lending and found excitement in the opportunity to fundamentally change how small businesses access capital.

After graduating, Vittoria joined a company called Endurance Lending Network (now Funding Circle), an online platform for small business loans, where she spent six years building and scaling a number of operations teams in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. In 2019, she joined Juniper Square, the first investment management software company designed specifically to serve the commercial real estate (CRE) industry and the leading force in driving CRE’s digital transformation.

“I joined to lead the launch of the first-ever technology-driven fund administration service designed for the CRE industry - which we did with great success last year. The offering combines leading software and an expert team to seamlessly integrate into investment managers’ existing operations and provide services spanning accounting, reporting, treasury and subscriptions.”

Juniper Square’s mission is to democratize access to alternative assets by making the world’s private capital markets more efficient, transparent, and accessible. “Ultimately, we want to make it as easy to trade a share of a building as it is to trade a share of GE stock. The private capital markets today are massive, but the wealth creation opportunities that come with investing in the private markets are limited to a select few.” By making these markets more transparent and accessible through innovation in technology and services, Vittoria and her team hope that more individuals can reap the benefits of this large and rapidly expanding asset class.

When it comes to her career success, she accredits her team for inspiring and developing her. “Today I work with an extremely talented leadership team from whom I observe and learn different skills – project management, go-to-market leadership, and sales skills. I feel lucky to have worked with so many talented individuals whose accomplishments have had a significant impact on my own career.”

She’s now focused on giving back to others and promoting diverse voices in their careers. Serving as the chair of the Employee Resource Group program at Juniper Square in addition to her role as VP. She is focused this year on expanding the program internally as well as beginning to map out key initiatives to drive impact in the broader real estate industry.

Vittoria sits on the Board of Directors and leadership team of Women in FinTech SF, a 501(c)3 non-profit that serves as a professional network for women in the Bay Area who are interested in FinTech. Their programming provides opportunities for their members to learn about FinTech, build their networks, and discover job opportunities in the industry.


More on Vittoria

Hometown: I grew up moving around – I was born in Thailand and lived in Pakistan, Jordan and Connecticut growing up.

Favorite hobby: Growing up, playing badminton. In SF, hiking.

Favorite part of your day: My afternoon walk around Alta Plaza. Usually, the sun is setting and the view of downtown is incredible.

Productivity hack: I try to batch my work so that I reduce switching costs. For example, I schedule meetings in blocks so I don’t have random 15-min openings here and there, set aside 15 or 20 mins to catch up on Slack messages, etc. Also, exercise, eating well, and a good night’s sleep are must-haves for a productive day!


Daily Diary

Here’s my typical workday

6:45 AM: Wake up.

7:00 AM: Work out for an hour – mostly Peloton strength classes (Jess Sims is my favorite).

8:30 AM: Start work – I’m mostly on Zoom calls all day!

12:00 PM: Take a quick lunch break, and then it’s back to Zoom calls. On Wednesday afternoons we don’t have any meetings after 1 PM, I always welcome the block of time to focus on projects or initiatives that require deeper thinking.

5:00 PM: Walk around Alta Plaza Park with my partner. This has been a necessary break given limited opportunities to go outside. We usually catch up on our days and enjoy the view from the top of the stairs at the park.

7:00 PM: Dinner time. We try to cook as much as we can during the week but lately this has mostly been salads.

9 PM: Read. This helps me relax and wind down before bed. I usually try to alternate fiction and non-fiction books (right now I’m on non-fiction).

10 PM: Bedtime!

My typical weekend

6:45 AM: Wake up.

7:00 to 9:00 AM: Drink my coffee and either catch up on podcasts that I missed during the week or catch up on my reading (NY Times, The Atlantic, Forbes).

9:00 to 11:00 AM: Usually try to catch up on personal admin – e.g. organizing the apartment, sorting through mail, catching up on personal emails.

11:00 AM to 4:00 PM: Long hike – this is the best part of the weekend! My partner and I usually try to go on a 6- to 8-mile hike each weekend. We typically alternate between the East Bay and Marin, although we recently discovered a hike in Pacifica that may be our new favorite - it had beautiful views of both the bay and the Pacific Ocean and was mostly uphill, which I welcome!

4:00 PM to evening: We usually try to cook something fun over the weekend. My partner and I both love to cook but struggle to find time for it during the week. He recently bought a pasta maker, so we’ve been exploring new dishes with that – the last creation was cheese ravioli with a pistachio pesto sauce and it was delicious.


Reach out to Vittoria on LinkedIn.

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