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FinTech Female Fridays: Nicole Newlin, VP of Solutions, Ocrolus

Can you describe your role as a Solutions VP at Ocrolus?

The Solutions team is a multi-functional group that sits within the Revenue team. We collaborate with the Sales, Product and Operations teams at Ocrolus to onboard clients and manage those relationships on a go-forward basis. Every role within our group is client facing, from the Sales Engineers and Solutions Architect who often engage early with prospects; to Implementation who provide the technical support to ramp up with our products; to Account Management who maintain and grow each customer relationship; and finally, Customer Success, who assist clients with ongoing technical support and training. I see my role as a bit of air traffic control to support their efforts and move obstacles out of their way to keep the planes running on time.

Why did you decide to pivot to FinTech in your career? What drew you in?

I give a huge shout out to Lowell Putnam (CEO circa Quovo) for this one! A connection from the brokerage industry had joined Quovo in a sales position and suggested I meet Lowell. Quovo was getting a lot of traction in the Enterprise sales arena and needed to think about how to build out the client onboarding function. He saw my background and told me, “we can teach you the tech, but you have the expertise we need to bring these clients to Quovo”. We took a leap of faith, and I never looked back. The chance to learn a completely new skill and feel a sense of entrepreneurship at the same time with a safety net was a no-brainer.

As someone with extensive sales experience. Can you give our audience tips on how to pitch and win a deal?

I subscribe to the idea that everyone is in sales and that it is easier to retain customers than find new ones. In the effort to pitch new customers, companies can take their existing clients for granted. The best advice is to pitch and sell to your current customer base. Give them a reason to increase their investment in your company. Business reviews, monthly snapshots and ongoing communication are absolutely necessary, even when times are challenging. The Account Management team spent a lot of time talking to our clients struggling during Covid-19 and coming up with creative solutions to stay in business and get back up and running. To me that created the strongest tie for building that relationship that will ultimately lead to that upsell.

How does Ocrolus ensure 99% accuracy for data transformation?

We ensure 99% accuracy by not relying on OCRs, BPOs and templates when digitizing documents. While we may leverage various OCR tools to extract raw data, data not confirmed automatically is routed through our unique verification and quality control human-in-the-loop workflow that blends machines with the human intelligence of Ocrolus employees. The result in unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

As FinTech continues to evolve, what is Ocrolus doing to differentiate themselves among competitors?

We have made a large commitment to further develop our analytics offerings based on client asks and industry trends, and we have also hired senior expertise to lead and survey our clients for feedback. We are also expanding from the Lending vertical and getting traction in the Mortgage space and KYC use cases.

Where do you see further opportunities for Ocrolus in the future?

Our core function allows us to cross into many industries such as student and auto loans or invoicing, which gives us a huge advantage. We are just getting started taking our analytics to the next level, so we’re looking forward to seeing how that additional capability translates into growing our business.

What drew you to be part of the board for NYC FinTech Women?

As a member, I was just blown away by how strong the network was and the commitment to connect, support and promote women as the guiding force behind every decision. I was deeply touched that they asked me to join and love every minute working with these incredible women.

Reach out to Nicole on LinkedIn.

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