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FinTech Female Fridays: Meet CEO/Co-founder at Clutch Wallet, Rebecca (Bec) Jones

Bec's career history started with National Australia Bank (Australia biggest business bank), where she built a foundational knowledge around money, business and lending while working there as an associate. She then spent two years in a social media role for National Australia bank where she quickly became obsessed with new technologies (AI-AR-VR), social media and the power of storytelling. "In 2017 I was ‘red-pilled’ into crypto making my first ever investments into bitcoin and Ethereum", she says. In 2019 she left the bank and worked 6 months with well renowned female founder Miki Agrawal before moving into a CMO role at cryptocurrency company Vid. "Vid was my first experience working for a crypto company and we launched a token, grew our users to 66K+ and were acquired in 2020. The challenging part about that role was it was my first time as a CMO. I was navigating token holders as one audience, Vid app users as another, whilst trying to make sense of a quickly changing crypto industry. This was all done out of a house in LA hills with other employees living and working alongside each other." In 2021, she started working on Clutch which was born out of frustration at the lack of women investing and building in the space and wanting to create a product that not only helped them enter but showed them they had a seat at the table.

Bec Jones, is CEO/Co-founder of Clutch, a company that "gives you a comprehensive web3 experience combining investing, news and education". As CEO, Bec spends most of her time on the marketing, customer, investor, networking, operations and public facing side of the business. Her two other co-founders support in development, HR, product, design and finance.

Her current projects and goals:

· Closing the Seed round they are currently fundraising

· Launching on product hunt

· Building the MVP of their browser extension wallet

· Onboarding developer talent for mobile

· Using Aave grant to build their 3 click DeFi experience

Bec sees her company culture as interesting in that it follows many "future of work" trends. "We are all remote and work decentralized. We use software systems to list job tasks, slack to communicate with other members, we rarely have team meetings and work at varying hours of the day. It is truly flexible so long as set goals and tasks are being completed you are getting through your work day. This gives everyone a feeling of autonomy whilst also progressing the business and product development at a commendable pace", she says. "A good culture fit at Clutch is someone who is an expert in their domain, who takes initiative, comes with ideas and solutions, has little ego, celebrates the wins and believes whole heartedly in our mission of empowering people with web3 and building and inclusive product to achieve that."

Bec is proud to impact FinTech in that "Clutch is building your web3 homepage". "Web3 and crypto are laying foundations for a new world of investments, payments and value transfer. Our products will sit across web, mobile and browser to meet users where they transact. Clutch is focused on building an inclusive product that empowers a broader audience to be involved in web3."

More on Bec

Where you currently live: Los Angeles, California

Living arrangement: I live in an awesome female founder house.

Family at home: My family live in Sydney, Australia. One of the challenges I have had is moving overseas and being away from all of my family, friends and network.

Hometown: Curl Curl, Sydney, Australia

Favorite hobby: I enjoy working out (boxing/running) and recently completed a 100-day straight workout challenge

Favorite part of your day: Sunset - especially since living in LA I can watch the pink skies as the sun goes down

Favorite show to binge: This is tough. I just found the L word which I have been binging but I love New Girl and Game of Thrones.

What's the best job decision you ever made? What's the worst job decision you ever made?

Best job decision I ever made was to leave the bank (despite having great trajectory in my role and a large organization to support my financial future). I love the pace, excitement and general deep-end you get thrown in when working in start ups.

Worst decision was accepting to work for free for too long. My approach to getting early start up experience was to offer my services free of charge to secure an opportunity to work. Getting a foot in the door with top startups, and well-known entrepreneurs etc. can be very rewarding, though you mustn't lose sight of your value and need to ensure you have an actionable plan to move into payment (this took some time for me).

What is the most important lesson you have learned from a mistake you’ve made in the past?

Don’t wait too long to get over qualified. I loved my time at university but I recognize it was a mistake to try and get as ‘qualified’ as possible for a role instead of throwing myself into it. This trait of wanting to be completely ready for roles/tasks/projects I have identified as limiting and I have started to lean into the unknown and learn on the go, unapologetically.

Daily Diary


9:00 am – Content link

9:30 am – Co-founder sync

10:00 am – Tik Tok creation

12:00 pm- Eat

1:30 pm – Internship interview

4:00 pm - Run

5:00 pm – Clutch Marketing Catch up

5:30 pm – Founder catch up

6:00 pm – Accelerator event with Patreon founder


9:00 am – Content link

9:30 am- Co-founder sync

10:00 am – Tik Tok creation

11:00 am – VC meeting

12:00 pm- Eat

12:30 pm – VC meeting

2:30 pm – Founder catchup

3:00 pm – Weekly newsletter review

4:00 pm - Work out

7:00 pm – Fellow web3 founder dinner


9:00 am – Content link

9:30 am – Co-founder sync

10:00 am – VC meeting

11:00 am – Tik Tok creation

12:00 pm – Eat

12:00-3:00 pm – Block for marketing session

4:30 pm – Run

7:00 pm – Bathtub gin event

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